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‘Cleansed’: The Play So Horrific It’s Making People Pass Out

From slicing off genitals to incest with a corpse to innumerable other tortures, audiences at London’s National Theatre have been unable to handle Sarah Kane’s brutal production.

LONDON — At the end of our torment, the girl two seats down leaned toward her friend and asked: “Any idea what it was about?”
There was no answer.

The previous hour and 40 minutes were dominated by mutilation, castration, electrocution, two counts of rape, psychological torture, the cutting out of a tongue, and a fatal injection into somebody’s eyeball. It was hard to discern a narrative through the carnage.

No wonder five people are said to have fainted and 40 walked out in the first week of previews for Cleansed.
Every night the audience is plunged into a hellscape where love, sex, and torture are so tightly intertwined that death is the only hope. Every character is forced to the limit of human endurance.

“Death isn’t the worst thing they can do to you,” says one of the victims. Love here is just another form of brutality, another way to torture us all.

The play is set in a derelict institution where a “doctor” with a band of masked assistants conducts brutal treatments on a cast of so-called degenerates that include drug addicts, incestuous twins, gay lovers, and a boy with learning difficulties.

If this is a morality play, the questions seem to be: Is it OK to have sex with your twin brother if he’s already dead? Is it OK to betray your gay lover if you’re being sodomized with a 6-foot metal pole?

The playwright, Sarah Kane, took her own life a year after the play made its debut at the Royal Court in 1998. She was only 28 years old.

Cleansed is at the National Theatre in London until May 5.


ХАБАД - дорога в АД. Вера без любви - фанатизм.

Настоящий баран патриот за ХАБАДНое дело - умрет!!! И получит собачий жетон, что герой Россиянии он...
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